The Lark Ascending was taken to new heights by a violinist from Australia when he performed the piece on a naked skydive at 15,000 feet.

Glen Donnelly, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music and has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra, set himself the challenge for his 30th birthday to raise awareness of body dysmorphic disorder in men. ‘I want to raise $1 for every foot I fall to make a noise for the unsung epidemic that is men’s body image’, he said.

‘After a comment from a fellow musician about my “tubby” belly, I started silently sucking it in’, explains Donnelly, ‘creating a mental and physical prison in my body that would lead to a breakdown in 2013’.

But the musician turned to mindfulness and found freedom in playing music without his clothes. ‘When I play the violin nude, it’s healing to me. I’m actually confident. I’m going to tell my story and stop being ashamed of my body shame. I’m going to raise money for this issue in men and boys, because I am one of them myself.’

Donnelly hopes to raise $15,000 for charities tackling issues of body image. You can donate to his inspiring campaign at and find out more about his story on his website.